This past year, I went on the Hike Podcast and shared my story of hiking the John Muir trail (JMT). Lori, the host, pinged me a few months later and told me that it was the highest listened to podcast of the season. It only makes sense that I come onto my own podcast and share a more in-depth journey of how I planned for the JMT (Part 1) and detail the thirteen days on the trail (Part 2).
In Part 2, I share my favorite stretches, campgrounds, funny stories, mistakes, and tips for the 13 days I was on the JMT. Highlights include why I got blisters and how I treated them, hijacking (politely and with permission) food from a resupply, me almost quitting on day 3, and how and why you should meet people on the trail.
See photos here for a play-by-play as I walk you through each day on the JMT!
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